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Put a price because I had to but note me and based on the complexity of your idea/design the price will vary.
Traditional Art
Stuffs like this will vary based on the difficulty and the pose, I'm still in the semi-learning phase of construction-drawing ponies so, again the price will vary. Send me a note instead of clicking the commissions button for this kind of thing.
None of these are my designs, I only did the digital lineart for them. I'm using them as an example as they're the only things I have for this sort of thing.
Oc Poses and Such
Note me if interested and I'll see what I can do. Give me a description of the OC or a picture of the design and I'll work from there.
Background w/ Oc in foreground
Stuff like this I can do easily, just give me an idea or a design and I can probably make it happen. Pricing may change based on complexity of request.
Note me or comment on the newest journal if interested.




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Just to get me on my feet for random purchases. In the future I will hopefully have a Wacom Bamboo tablet and go semi-pro with this hobby of mine, so I'll most likely save the points for that and things I need for it.

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Walk in the Park
A fully finished work that I'm sure is well overdue.
I'm sorry it took so long to be complete but, I do have a good excuse.
So when my mom gave me my new tablet, I got a new program that I've had to figure out and it was very limited in comparison to photoshop.

I'm working on another non-pony piece with the same program, and so far I feel like its looking good.

Until next time, my darklings!
Hey, y'all, I know this is like cheap advertising, but
if you could just like click on the link, it doesn't do anything to your computer or phone or anything, it just adds to the people I brought to the page. It's earning me money that I need for bills and am not making enough for at the moment, so I would really appreciate if you would just click on the link,

Thanks a bunch for anyone who does!
So, I am well aware I've made the promise of getting back to regular posts. However, that, at least at the moment, is just not possible, what with work upping my hours and my development of severe tendonitis. A condition in which the tendon that runs from about the pinky to the elbow is extremely inflamed and the only way for it to heal is to not use the hand in question. Well, right now my hand that has the condition, is my dominant hand and both of my jobs require both hands to be used at all times. And with this, the fact of the matter is, I cant take enough pain meds to successfully rid myself of pain, even if I wanted to try and draw.

I do have some good news though.
My mother recently gave me a tablet and so I have a new device I can draw on, and I am actually working on a drawing as we speak, but its slow in the process, since I only work on it when I have a break and im not doing anything else.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is sorry for making empty promises, but there really isn't much I can do until I stabilize in my on life and work. And I'm sorry for not being able to give you guys content.
But thanks for sticking with me even with nothing being put out, it means the world to me, really.

Until next time, my darklings!
Splash of Pink
Found an old painting I did during one of my art classes in high school. I honestly wish I still had it with me, but I left it with my teacher since she asked me for it when she saw it.
Last I saw it was still there, even after she moved classrooms, that's a proud day for me. Lel

Sorry it's been so long since I posted something. My life since I moved to where I am has been nothing but work and sleep and then work some more....
I really tired....
</small> sorry <small>
Hello everyone! It's been too long, and I apologize for not updating you all sooner. After graduating from high school, my life has been nothing but work, more work, and very little sleep. With very little time in between to do anything but try and catch up on the significant loss of rest I need to function.
I have been doing some drawing, but it's really mostly been of people and no ponies, which I really need to change. Bad thing about it is none of them are complete or even remotely close to preview shot levels. Add to that, my subscription for photoshop expired in October and the computer I was gifted isn't compatible with my drawing tablet, so digital conversion isn't possible for me.
All I'm able to do now is draw traditionally, and post scans of those drawings, and I apologize in advance if they're few and at inbetween, but at the moment, bills and sustaining myself takes priority right now over my art.

I hope you all understand and are willing to stick with me throughout the semi/hiatus.

Until next time, my darklings

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United States
----------------------- Stamp: Commissions Open III by MissLadyMinx Stamp: Art Trades Open II by MissLadyMinx Request FRIENDS ONLY (Stamp) by Kazhmiran---------------------

Hello all! I absolutely LOVE to make drawings of fictional characters on paper. It was only recently that I began to make digital art. I hope they are likable and look okay. I've been a part of the Brony fandom for a very long time, in fact since it began. I'm kind of anti-social so, feel free to note me if you have any questions! I will be taking requests and commissions as soon as I get asked to do one! I hope to make many friends! Thanks!

My Fad right now: :iconyourocsucks:
Smooth Sailing Fan Stamp by Ask-Splash-Sparkz Touchpad (Metibobo) Fan Stamp by Ask-Splash-Sparkz Juris Caviet (Mummz) Fan Stamp by Ask-Splash-Sparkz Cosmic Atom (Commander) Fan Stamp by Ask-Splash-Sparkz

Just so we're clear, I give a llama whenever I get a llama. And please don't comment a thank you for it, I give them whenever I really like someone's artwork.


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